Abeking & Rasmussen

Henry Rasmussen started as a boat builder in the year 1907, under the rather profane name of Werft für Arbeitsboote und Behördenschiffe, a "Shipyard for working boats and government ships". However, sailing enthusiast Henry Rasmussen soon produced cruisers and sailing dinghies that were not just inspired in their contours but also chiefly in their sporting potential.

Ships built at A & R were generally marked by timeless aesthetics and excellent production quality. Successes soon spread beyond the shores of Europe. The ingenious designs and the beauties crafted in the best shipbuilding tradition swiftly crossed the Atlantic to quickly win over fans there, too.

During his trips to the USA in the years 1926 and 1927, Henry Rasmussen came in contact with the then famous boat designers Nathaniel Herreshoff and W. Starling Burgess. In close co-operation with and based on the design of Mr. Burgess, Henry Rasmussen got the order for six nearly identical12mR yachts. Once finished they were shipped all at once in a big vessel to Halifax/Canada, from where they were rigged up and sailed on their own keel to New York, their final point of  destination,  about 500 nautical miles away. This procedure was chosen in order to save US customs duties on imports. The name of the 12mR' built in 1928 were "Waiandance", "Isolde", "Tycoon", "Iris", "Anitra" and "Onawa".

The still family-owned company Abeking & Rasmussen has meanwhile entered other segments of the maritime market, such as design and construction of navy ships and special crafts. Even if the dimension of A & R yachts have changed over the years, they have remained among the crafts most sought after by skippers in quest of independence and freedom on the waves.